13 Tools That Will Grow Your Airbnb Rental Business

Written on 12/20/2019
Alex Dabek

Whether you're a full time host or part time host this lesson will be helpful if you want to:

  • Maximize profits
  • Spend less time managing your Airbnb
  • Learn how to manage multiple listings efficiently
  • Increase security and safety
  • And much more

A lot of these products are optional and highly dependent on what your Airbnb goals are.

Either way, every tool is helpful for Airbnb hosts! Here they are...

1. Keyless Entry

Let your guests check-in at any time with a self-check in system.

An electronic lock like the Kwikset lets your guests get in with a code instead of physical keys.

It's not only more convenient for you and your guests, it's safer too. There are no physical keys that someone can copy and you can create a new code for each guest for maximum safety.

This is a great investment since it can be used for every single booking.

2. Lock Box

An alternate way to setup self check-in is to get a lock box. You simply place the keys inside the lock box and give your guest the code.

You can attach it on your door or somewhere more discreet. This is just as effective as option 1 except you still need physical keys.

3. Use a Pricing App

People that use a pricing app can earn up to 40% more profit according to WheelHouse!

It makes sense because if you have the same price every day of the year you are leaving tons of money on the table.

Demand is changing every day of the year, so should your prices on Airbnb.

A tool like Wheel House will recommend the most profitable prices every night based on travel trends, hotel prices, local events and many other variables.

Sign up on WheelHouse for a free 30 day trial and see if it improves your Airbnb business!

4. Cleaning Service

A cleaning service is an important step in automating your Airbnb because it saves a ton of time.

When finding a cleaning service you want to find a place that is very reliable and does a good job. You also have to make sure it costs less than your booking. You can also start to charge a cleaning fee in your listing.

We recommend TurnoverBnB. They have a marketplace to help you find cleaners and you can also sync your Airbnb calendar to make everything simple. It is free to use for your first property.

5. Automatic Messaging

Even if we can run an Airbnb business remotely, it doesn’t guarantee that we can answer every message instantly.

Thankfully, there are automated messaging apps such as Smartbnb where it provides a super fast response rate while making sure that the customers are satisfied.

You should check out Smartbnb if you want a fast response rate and to keep your guests happy. Get a free 2 week trial with Smartbnb here. Do you already use Smartbnb? Optimize your messages.

6. Get an Accounting App

If you want to save yourself stress then get an accounting app such as Quickbooks.

It will make tracking your expenses much easier come tax time.

You can link your bank account and credit card and upload receipts to track all of your Airbnb expenses automatically.

With an accounting app you will be ready and organized for tax season and not stressing like everyone else that time of year.

7. Get Fast Drying Stuff

If you want to save time cleaning then buy fast drying sheets, pillowcases and towels.

They feel great and dry up to 30% faster then the regular ones. This will save time when you're cleaning and setting up for the next guest.

8. Bed Protection

If you want to protect expensive items just in case, invest in pillow protectors as well as a mattress enclosure.

They both run under $20 and will protect your bed from bugs, stains, perfumes, you name it.

If you don't want to take any risks then get these items.

9. Smart Thermostat

If your home uses a lot of AC or heating then you could likely benefit from a smart thermostat.

It will save you money on your energy bill which can pay for itself over time. For example it will turn itself down when no one is home which saves energy.

There are many options available on the market. One we recommend is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

10. Smart Lights

Just like the smart thermostat, smart lights can help you save money by lowering your electric bills.

They can help you monitor lights that are left on when guests are away and you can also schedule it for extended vacancies.

11. Security Camera

If you want some peace of mind then a security camera is an obvious idea.

They can monitor the outside of your Airbnb house. They can also be installed inside the house provided they aren’t in any private rooms (bedroom & bathroom). Just be sure to disclose this information in your Airbnb listing as per rules.

If anything happens there will be an extra layer of proof in your favour.

12. Backup Set of Keys

If your Airbnb house doesn’t have a smart lock or a keyless entry system, you definitely need a backup set of keys if you don't already.

13. Party Squasher

Sometimes guests can be tricky when throwing a party. You might not realize it but if you do, it’s already too late.

Guest monitoring devices such as the PartySquasher can help you keep the peace by monitoring the number of mobile devices inside your house. It’s a privacy-friendly system that helps you keep everything as it should be.

This is not for most people but if you want to get all the gadgets the PartySquasher will set you back $150.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make a full time income from Airbnb download our free app!

Some items are more practical than others and everything depends on your own specific goals.

But whether you want to save time managing your Airbnb, cut expenses, or keep everything secure there are many tools out there to help you.

Hopefully you found something that will make your Airbnb business a little better!