The Airbnb Boom and Opportunity in Short Term Rentals

Written on 12/24/2019
Alex Dabek

If you don’t already know, Airbnb essentially lets you become your own hotel. You can put up an extra bedroom or your entire home on Airbnb and rent it out to people who are travelling.

There is a lot of people who do this and make money. Some people host on Airbnb as a side hustle, some do it occasionally when they won’t be home and some make this their full time business.

Making money with Airbnb is one of the most trending business opportunities in 2019. The term, “Airbnb Host,” briefly hit a score of 100 on Google Trends in 2019.

  • So why is hosting on Airbnb so popular?
  • Is it actually a good way to make money?
  • Is Airbnb a way YOU can make money?

Those are the questions we are going to answer. Stick along.

Airbnb by the numbers

  1. Airbnb has over 150 million users in over 190 countries
  2. Airbnb hosts make on average $924/month but this number will vary a lot
  3. 88% of reservations are for more than one person
  4. The average price of an Airbnb rental is $160.47
  5. Some of the most profitable countries for Airbnb are USA, France, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, UK and India

Why is hosting on Airbnb so popular?

It's Profitable

People are making money with Airbnb - otherwise there wouldn't be over 5 million listings. If you have the right location and house you can make an absolute killing.


You can do Airbnb full time, as a side hustle, occasionally or eventually automate it and collect passive income. You're in full control so it attracts all types of people.


Airbnb makes it really easy to start your business. They handle almost everything from the bookings, insurance, sending you payment, getting you traffic and more.

Low start up costs

Before Airbnb, making money with real estate was super expensive. Now, if you are already a homeowner it's super easy to start an Airbnb business. There are also 3 ways you can do Airbnb without owning a home and with no money down. Your only mandatory expenses are a 3% fee to Airbnb and supplies for the guests like toilet paper, shampoo, towels and so on.

You don't need any marketing

Airbnb has over 150 million users and growing. The guests will come to you and no money is required for marketing. You do have to compete with other hosts in your area but that's much easier than starting your own hotel for example.

For these reasons and many more you can see why this is one of the most searched for opportunities of the year.

Is it actually a good way to make money?

The simple answer - yes! ... But only if you're in the right market and have the right type of home.

Airbnb is in over 191 countries - obviously not everyone will be successful.

For those who are a good fit though - Airbnb is truly an amazing business opportunity.

Is Airbnb a way YOU can make money?

In order to make money on Airbnb you need these two things:

  1. Make sure Airbnb is available in your city or a city you can commute to
  2. Find out if you are in a hot location that will be profitable

If these two things are true ANYONE can money on airbnb - even if you don’t own a home.