Tips for Guests Travelling on Airbnb

Written on 12/22/2019
Alex Dabek

Airbnb is awesome as a way to make money hosting but it's also awesome if you want to travel!

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Here are some tips if you plan on taking a trip through Airbnb.

Book Months In Advance

It may sound like common sense but if you're planning a trip try to book it as soon as possible to get the best rates and availability.

The nicest Airbnb's are constantly booked. And most hosts use a software that will raise prices if you wait to the last minute (similar to hotels).

If you want the best rate or best place then book early.

Read The Entire Listing

More often than not people skip many parts of the listing. You will miss important info if you don't read the entire thing!

Usually the host gets the same questions over and over again so they add it to their listing. And the questions are usually the ones you forget until you arrive. How close is the bus stop? How far are we from the city?Do you have WiFi?

Read the ENTIRE listing before asking questions or before booking a place.

Always Pay Through The App

Although the AirBnB fee is annoying it does protect both the host and guest. When you make the payment through the app it's official and if any problems pop up you can dispute it.

If you've already had a good two-night stay it's safer to offer cash on the third night since you've built some trust. That decision lies on you but paying through the app is always best for everyones safety.

Talk With The Host

If you're running late tell your host especially if they have to be there to let you in. They might have plans to go somewhere and this could avoid problems.

Once I was two hours late but since I contacted the host she hid the key outside for me. The worst thing is being in a new city and you're not able to get into the house!

If there are any other issues don't be afraid to communicate with your host. They are there to help.

Say What's Wrong

If there is some type of issue with the house don't keep quiet about it. If you keep quiet and leave it on the reviews you could be harming the host.

Most of the time the host will rush in to fix the issue because they want everything to be perfect for you.

Some hosts need the income and a bad review will not help them if it's about an issue they didn't know about.

The Bottom Line

Airbnb is pretty simple to use you just need to apply common sense. Once you've booked on it a few times you will get good at finding hidden gems and great deals.

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